About Me

I’m Miska Fredman, a Chaotic Good geek dad from Finland. I work as a Senior Game Designer at Colossal Order Ltd and as a side-job I design and publish tabletop role-playing games through my small press publishing company Ironspine. Yes, I like games in general, but I really love tabletop roleplaying games. I also make maps and other resources for tabletop RPGs. You can find free versions of my maps here, and commercial versions on DrivethruRPG and on RPGnow . You can also find my maps on Patreon. In 2016 Ropecon organization awarded me with the Golden Dragon Award for my work for roleplaying game industry and culture in Finland.

Besides role-playing games and games in general, I like barbells, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, vanilla ice cream and lightsabers.

I set up this blog as a kind of a hub for different things I’m involved with either professionally or as a private person.  I post mostly RPG maps, but occasionally about tabletop role-playing games, game design and other stuff that I’m interested in.

Please, check out the links below for more information about my RPG projects and other stuff. Thanks!

Stuff you find here…


Hand-drawn maps for tabletop roleplaying games.


Ragnar thinks that the best thing in life is to roll a d20 and crit for double damage.

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Colossal Order Ltd (Company Website)

Nörttikanava (Youtube Channel / In Finnish)

Ironspine Games (Company Website)