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[Map] The Flying Ruins


This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in February 2016.


This map was my first practice on an isometric grid and I have actually learned a thing or two from that. One thing is that I should not do the shading on gridded paper, because it fades away when I edit the grids out leaving me with a coarse looking black and white line art.

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[Map] The Fallen Giant

Fallen Frost Giant-fancy-grid

Here’s another map of something buried deep in the ground. In this map the entrance can be a quarry or an excavation which has revealed an entrance into a mysterious metal construct.

I drew this map originally with Astraterra on my mind, but I think this fits Numenera, for example, as well. Or any other scifi, science fantasy or fantasy setting with gigantic constructs. This map does not have a written story seed associated with it yet, but I think I have to write one 🙂


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This “remastered” #mapvember map was previously published on Patreon in December 2015.

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