Roleplaying Games

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I’ve been playing roleplaying games since 1988. It was one summer when I tried Dungeon & Dragons with my cousin and I was hooked. There was no turning back.

Personally I prefer games that are a bit gamey, but emphasize storytelling and the player characters. Genre-wise I like science fiction more than fantasy, but dungeon crawling has a special place in my heart. That’s how I started roleplaying anyway.

Currently I’m GMing Dungeons & Dragons (5th edition) and Eclipse Phase (With Fate rules).

Miska’s Maps & #Mapvember

In November 2015 I drew an RPG map every day. I had not drawn a decent RPG map in 10 years, at least, but the #mapvember challenge inspired me to draw maps again. It’s an excellent way to keep the creative juices flowing, and excellent counterbalance to writing and day-to-day family life. I think maps are also a great way to tell stories. I love to include little details in my maps that I hope to inspire or give clues to come up with a story taking place on that map.

I have a Patreon for my maps, adventures, NPCs, mini-settings and other RPG resources I like to do for fun and share here on my blog.



In 2006 I founded my own little small press RPG publishing company, Ironspine, and so far I have published five tabletop RPGs in Finnish. The first English games are on their way (see below).

Current and Upcoming RPG Projects

You can check out some of my current and upcoming roleplaying games here:


Hyperstorm is a space opera RPG set in far future with aliens, malevolent AIs and ruins of humankind and lost civilizations. The player characters are rifters, treasure hunters and soldiers of fortune traversing the devastated Rift in search of lost knowledge and great treasure. You know, kind of like Dungeons & Dragons in space.



Astraterra is a science fantasy adventure RPG for all ages. It was designed together with kids and its unique, yet familiar, approach to roleplaying let’s you explore the fragmented teleport network of Astraterra.



Chthonian Highways is a tabletop role-playing game set in a world where nightmarish creatures have ravaged the Earth and otherworldly landscapes have merged with ours. Strange, dreadful beings prowl in the shadows, and dangerous alien flora is taking over the green forests and grasslands. The few remnants of civilization are held together by the Chthonian highways – a web of roads that are still traversable by ground vehicles.