Sci-fi Armory – part 1 – Weapons now on Patreon

We have released our first 5th Edition compatible installment for the Hyperstorm space opera setting. The supplement uses the Hyperstorm setting as a base, but it is fully compatible with the other 5th Edition compatible RPGs. Further supplements will include more about the setting itself, but you can also check out Hyperstorm’s website, for more information. 

Science Fiction Armory – Part 1: Weapons

This 15 page supplement includes the rules for sci-fi (and modern) firearms and high-tech melee weapons. The rules follow the design principles and spirit of 5th Edition rules, but includes completely revised rules for burst fire and a bunch of new weapon properties, for example. 

Pulse pistol by Hans Zenjuga

In addition to the new rules, there a bunch of new weapons from needlers to force blades and necroblasters. 

The stats are compatible with the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game, but also with some of the most popular 5E compatible science-fiction RPGs. 

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