[Update] A story about Sotakarjut RPG


I’ve been quite busy for the past month or two with something else than drawing maps. Well, I have drawn maps, but I haven’t had so much time to dedicate for them as usually.  What have I been doing then?

I got my 6th tabletop RPG done and its being printed right now. Sotakarjut (Warhogs) is a military science fiction RPG of loss, atonement and rebirth.  This was actually the most personal and difficult RPG for me to write. It started as a joke fuelled by feelings of anger and injustice. The source of these feelings was my infant son’s death in 2010. Around that time I read a lot books about grief, depression, happiness and such and had therapy sessions, but somehow I found the most natural outlet for my feelings in this peculiar game concept and writing its design. So, the game started out as a parody of our world set in far future with these human/pig hybrids as the central characters.


The first spread in the book is dedicated to my son.


At first I intended to make the game quickly to just get it out of my system, but to be honest I could not do that. So, I buried the game for a few years. As I did do with my feelings.

In 2016 I started reconsidering the publication of Sotakarjut. I already had about 160 pages of materials written and I felt that the game could be so much more. Also, I felt that I needed to get this unfinished process completed so I could move on. I don’t ever forget my son’s death or “get over it”, but the approach and attitude towards my loss has changed and matured over time. Like did the concept for this game too. It’s now much more serious and reflective. It’s a game about people driven into so desperate situation, that they decide to sacrifice their lives and physical bodies to get even and to find their personal catharsis. This game was my personal catharsis and now that it’s done, I feel ready to leave behind the feelings I have been hiding inside and dragging with me for all these years.


About Sotakarjut

The player characters are warhogs, human-pig hybrids produced for war in the huge cloning farms of Mars and Proxima.

But the player characters are also trojans. Special agents who have left their physical bodies behind to be uploaded into the bodies of the warhogs. They have sacrificed their lives to access the hidden operations of the Federation and the hypercorporations disguised as warhogs.

When a trojan agent is activated they remember only part of their history and the mission, but a bit by bit the memories start coming back and together the players build the story around the characters as the memories are gradually recovered.

(Oh, and about the Translation: People have already asked about the English translation. It’s coming, but we have no schedule yet. )

Here are some screenshots of how the book looks. It’s in Finnish, but you’ll get the general idea 🙂

All illustrations by very talented Hans Zenjuga.