[Game] Creature Cards

I  made these customizable cards for my kids a few years back.



How to use them?

In the cards you have large space for the creature’s picture and/or its description. Draw the picture of the creature and add a the name of the creature with a flavour text, if you like.

Then you have four abilities:

  • Friendship
  • Wits
  • Strength
  • Speed

Each of the abilities is rated from 1 to 5 and you can distribute a number of points (or dots) between all abilities based on the creature’s power level.

  • Super Epic Legendary Boss: 17
  • Epic Boss: 15
  • Powerful Boss: 13
  • Boss: 11
  • Mini-Boss: 9
  • Minion: 7

How to play

These are just one kind of rules we came up when we played with creature cards. You can use these, modify them or come up with rules of your own.

What you need to play?

To play the game, you need preferably at least six cards and ten regular six-sided dice. If you don’t have so many dice at hand, see the “One die rule” below.

Build your deck

First decide how many cards each player will have. Then, Construct your deck from the creatures you have created. What kind of creatures you can put in your deck depends on the deck size. You can have unlimited number of Minions, but other creatures are limited as follows:

  • less than 10 cards: 1 Boss, 1 Mini-Boss
  • 10 – 14 cards: 1 Powerful Boss, 1 Boss, 2 Mini-Boss
  • 15 – 19 cards: 1 Epic Boss, 1 Powerful Boss, 2 Boss, 3 Mini-Boss
  • 20 – 24 cards: 1 Super Epic Legendary Boss, 1 Epic Boss, 2 Powerful Boss, 3 Boss, 4 Mini-Boss
  • 25+ cards:  1 Super Epic Legendary Boss, 2 Epic Boss, 3 Powerful Boss, 4 Boss, 5 Mini-Boss

Let’s Play!


  1. All players draw three cards from their decks
  2. Roll a six-sided die to determine who goes first.

Turn order

  1. The player in turn plays a creature from their hand and challenges one of the players. The challenged player can flee like a coward and discard any card from their hand  and lose the battle OR accept the challenge and play a card from their hand against the creature declaring the challenge.
  2. Battle! When two creatures fight, the challenging player decides which of the abilities is used. When the ability is decided, pick as many dice as there are dots in the creature’s ability. Roll all dice and see compare the highest results. The creature with the highest die result wins the battle. The creature that lost, flees away.
    1. When a creature flees, discard the card and pick a new card from your deck.
    2. When a creature wins, put the creature on the table in front of you as a token of victory and draw a new card to your hand from your deck.
  3. The player who lost the challenge declares the next challenge.
  4. Repeat until both players have played all their creatures and count the creatures that won their fights.

One Die Rule

In case you do not have that many six-sided dice readily at hand, you can use this alternative rule.

Instead of rolling multiple dice, you can roll just one die and add the number of dots in your Ability to your dice result.


The player with the most victorious creatures wins the game.


If the results tie, compare the next highest die, until you find the highest result. If the fight still results in a tie, roll again until you have a winner.