Hi, just wanted to let you know that there’s a reason for being a bit less productive with the maps lately. I have been working my ass off during my free-time to get my next RPG’s crowdfunding started. The game is in Finnish and it’s a military scifi RPG mixing techno thriller and spy action genres.

To give a quick impression on what Sotakarjut, or Warhogs, is about here’s a very short summary:

It’s year 2310. Mankind has spread among the starts within approximately 50 light-year radius from Sol and Earth. Most of the colonies are governed by the Federation which is more like a  puppet government for the hyper-corporations that control most of the natural resources, technological infrastructure and economy – on Earth and off-world colonies.


The Third Exowar has raged on for the last ten years. It started as small conflicts in the outer colonies. Poor settlers rioted against the corporate rule and Federation’s peacekeepers were sent to pacify the situation. But the fighting went on. Terrorist organizations all around the colonies started to fight against the Federation and the hyper-corporations behind its rule.

Everything changed when an alien super-culture called Collective attacked a remote archaeological outpost. The Collective was technologically superior and Federation Army suffered great losses. The warhogs, human-pig hybrid clones were developed to fight the Collective threat and the tide of war turned from a losing war into a trench warfare.

The player characters are warhogs. But not like all the other clones. Their mind hides an infiltrated consciousness. A human mind buried deep in the subconsciousness of a warhog. A bit by bit, with different sensory triggers, the mnemonic locks and safe guards of the trojan agent are unlocked and the character starts to remember who they are and why they are in a warhog’s body.

So, that’s it briefly explained 🙂

Here’s a link to the campaign if you want to take a look. There’s a one minute trailer there which might give you some idea of the game.


The amazing art is by Hans Zenjuga, who will be illustrating the book if we reach our goal (which seems very probable at the moment…).

And if this does well in Finland, I’ll need to seriously consider an English translation 🙂

Miska over and out.

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