Adventures for 5E and Fate

I’ve been publishing tabletop RPGs since 2006 in Finnish and basically, always the publications have been either my own original RPG systems and settings or supplements for those. For a while already I have wanted to try something different and publish something in English.

During the last winter and spring I released my first English adventures made for a system that was not my own.


Thieves of Earfell (5E compatible)

Thieves of Earfell is a light-hearted 5E-Compatible Adventure for characters of levels 2 – 5.

The adventure starts when the player characters arrive into a small village of Payala next to a mountain range and large hills. A smallish mountain only a few miles away from the village looks a bit unusual as it happens to resemble a pointy ear – the mountain is called Earfell and a clan of redcaps hides somewhere in its maze-like valleys and caves.

The adventurers are hired by a retired toymaker, Santor Claos, to retrieve his stolen stockpile of toys. Soon after the adventurers enter the re

dcaps’ lair, they will find out that something is very wrong…

Get Thieves of Earfell here


The Broken Knight (Powered by Fate)

The Broken Knight is a science fiction adventure taking place on a damaged space station. This adventure is designed to be used in a space opera setting and it uses the Fate Core system by default, but it should be easy to adopt it to other settings and popular RPG systems. There are some ideas and notes for rules and setting conversions at the end of the adventure.

Adventure Synopsis

The adventure takes place in a wrecked space station that is designated as Setha Station. The station was recently boarded by an imperial automated patrol craft and the situation escalated. The station crew was not able to fend off the boarding party, but they managed to send an emergency message before they died either defending the station or in an attempted escape.
A handful of station crew members tried to flee in a spacecraft, but their escape was cut short by the imperial patrol craft and their ship was critically damaged. As their desperate last effort they sacrificed their lives by ramming their ship into the imperial patrol craft. This resulted in serious damage to the station, but not its complete destruction.
After the assault on the station both, the Empire and the Alliance has sent their teams to the station. An imperial cruiser is en route to the station ready to seize the control of the station and Alliance has sent the closest team they could find to quickly recover the Setha station’s most valuable asset – a holostack storing a digital personality and all the critical data on the research done at the Setha Station.
Get the Broken Knight here.