Hi, just wanted to let you know that there’s a reason for being a bit less productive with the maps lately. I have been working my ass off during my free-time to get my next RPG’s crowdfunding started. The game is in Finnish and it’s a military scifi RPG mixing techno thriller and spy action genres. To give a quick impression on what Sotakarjut, or Warhogs, is about here’s a

I create scifi themed RPG maps on Patreon

  After much consideration, I’m on Patreon. I didn’t plan to do this, but there I am. It all started with a post-it note and a weekly meeting at the office. I had a pad of post-it notes and an ink pen and I was waiting for the meeting to start. Suddenly I got on idea to draw a map. That was the first actual RPG, or dungeon map, in

[FI] Tracon 2015: Ropepiste kasvaa isoksi

Sami Koponen kirjoittaa Efemeros-blogissaan Traconin roolipelipisteen kasvavasta menestyksestä. Hieno juttu, että ainakin numeroiden perusteella harrastus on menossa hyvään suuntaan! Ja kannattaa pitää mielessä, että marraskuussa on tulossa myös Tracon Hitpoint -tapahtuma, joka keskittyy yksinomaan roolipelaamiseen ja pöytäpeleihin.