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[Map] The Haven of Wisdom


Beyond the Sea of Fog lies a lonely island and within its rocky cliffs there is the fabled Haven of Wisdom. Part monastery and part a library, protected by arcane powers and monsters guarding it under the sea, the Haven of Wisdom holds the secret writings of forbidden magical lore and the scriptures of dark rituals that once almost destroyed the whole world.

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[Map] Law Enforcement Outpost


I’m not exactly sure where I got the idea for this map, but I wanted to make some kind of base built on a side of a crater or an asteroid, for example. Based on the design, I would not place this map on an asteroid, but rather into a crater or similar rocky terrain. Also, the lack of airlocks hints that there is some kind of atmosphere present, even though it might be thin or somewhat toxic (perhaps something like in the Avatar).

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[Map] A River and a Road


Now, looking back a few months, I’ve noticed that my skills have improved nicely. Besides honing my skills, I think I’ve started to find my own style too. I try to improve and learn all the time and find new ways to do things, but I also try to keep a certain level of consistency in my maps. I can do different styles when needed, but my goal is to create a certain signature style that people can recognize when they see one of my maps.

But, back to this map 🙂

This map is another “basic map” with no special secrets or exotic buildings. This is just a part of a road that goes by a river (or more likely a stream in this map). But still I tried to include some interesting terrain features like the fallen tree, some rock and a small opening. All kinds of events or encounters could take place on this map, I think.


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This map was originally published on Patreon with the support of my awesome patrons in May 2016.

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