A professional cartographer, tabletop RPG designer, and dungeon master.

Ironspine Press

In 2006 I published my first tabletop role-playing game, Heimot (a space opera RPG), and founded my own publishing label, Ironspine Press. Since then, I have published five bigger releases and a dozen or so smaller ones.

  • Heimot (2006, Finnish)
  • E.N.O.C. – Operaatio Eisenberg (2009, Finnish)
  • Generian Legendat (2010, Finnish)
  • Astraterra (2014, 1st edition, Finnish)
  • Chthonian Highways – Beta (2015, English)
  • Sotakarjut (2017, Finnish)
  • Astraterra (2018, 2nd edition, Finnish)
  • Astraterra (2021, English edition)

The Golden Dragon Award

In 2016 I was granted the Golden Dragon Award for my publishing work. This is the greatest achievement award in the Finnish tabletop role-playing scene. 

Mapvember & Miska’s Maps

In 2015 I started drawing small maps for tabletop role-playing games and posted them on social media. At first mainly for the fun of it, but to my own surprise, people seemed to like them and I started working on the maps more seriously. That’s how Miska’s Maps was born. By now, I have done maps for big RPG publishers like MCDM Productions, Cubicle 7, Chaosium, and many smaller indie publishers.