Hi, I’m Miska Fredman. A game designer and RPG cartographer from Finland. You can find links to my various projects below and in the main menu.

Miska’s Maps RPG Cartography

Maps and deck plans for science fiction and fantasy role-playing games.

You can find free maps on my website at www.miskasmaps.com and high-resolution and variant versions of the maps are available through DrivethruRPG and Patreon.


#Mapvember is a map drawing challenge where you draw 30 maps over 30 days. The first #mapvember was organized in November 2015.

Find more about Mapvember here.

Ironspine Press

Ironspine Press (also Ironspine) is a small-press tabletop RPG publishing company. I have published several tabletop role-playing products and map collections through Ironspine.

Products are available for Finnish customers in the Ironspine’s web store and for global customers in DrivethruRPG’s Storefront.


Astraterra is a steam fantasy tabletop RPG for all ages.

Learn more about Astraterra here.


Hyperstorm is a space opera tabletop RPG based on a Finnish sci-fi RPG, Heimot.

Hyperstorm is currently a work in progress.

You can find the development blog here.

Chthonian Highways

Chthonian Highways is a post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG set in a world destroyed by eldritch creatures.

Chthonian Highways is currently at its Beta development stage.

You can find more information on Chthonian Highways here.